Yearly Post

Grad school seems to have really sapped my desire to write. :/

I went back and read the last few things I posted to LJ back in the day, and I was amazed at my verbosity, and willingness to expound on any and every little thing. Holy crap.

Who are blogs for? Are they for others? Are they for myself? Does anyone care what I write on here? More importantly, does that matter, and should it matter?

My initial gut says that it should matter, that I should write what others may care to read, but on deeper reflection, no, I shouldn’t care if other people read this or not. Ultimately, these writing jobbies serve more to remind me of the things going on in my life at any given time. A kind of externalized memory, populated with the things that mattered enough to write down.

This is not to say, however, that non-personal blogs aren’t awesome, and that I shouldn’t have one. So… yes, I’ve made ANOTHER wordpress blog, which will be devoted to slightly more worky things, like my research and art projects.

Ideally, this will give this blog some space to breathe, free of whatever bullshit expectations are holding me back.


~ by voidptr on February 9, 2013.

One Response to “Yearly Post”

  1. I care…and you can consider me another grad school/Facebook blogging casualty.

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