Light Interactions

So, because of various (not really at liberty to discuss) stuffs happening, plus epic cat health drama, bright points are a little hard to come by. But today, this thing happened, and it made me happy.

A little background: I am subscribed to a high-traffic mailing list, composed of far-off friends and acquaintances. This list is mostly light chatter and event planning, but now and then a heavy topic will come up for discussion.

There is one person in particular whom I have always found to be not only clear-eyed and thoughtful in their responses, but also not wishy-washy about their positions. I barely know this person, but their contribution to this latest set of heavy conversations elevated the tone and clarity of them so significantly that I felt compelled to express my appreciation directly.

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 9:21 AM, Rose <voi…@….com> wrote:

BTW, while this thread is definitely stretching my capacity to sit still, I really appreciate your thoughtful no-bullshit responses. Pretty much every thread I’ve read that you’ve contributed to has been elevated by your contribution (serious or not), and even though I barely know you, I think you’re awesome.

Ok, I’m done fan-boying now.



Their response was way more than I expected.

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 12:55 PM, [person] <…@….com> wrote:

Rose, thanks so much for saying this! I recently was called a troll on another email list because I was defending [a perfectly reasonable position that some people find controversial]… And it truly hurt my feelings so I signed off a few lists and also turned off email notification for [this list].

I think I will turn it back on now, because your encouragement has made me see it’s ok to take a strong position and defend it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3

The moral* of the story is that it never hurts to reach out to people you admire. You don’t know what they’re going through, and it’s possible they could use the encouragement. And it will almost certainly make you feel better in the process.

*There are several. Contemplating them is left as an exercise to the reader.


~ by voidptr on October 5, 2011.

One Response to “Light Interactions”

  1. That is so true, we rarely know when people need our encouragement, and we shouldn’t procrastinate sharing it.

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